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Kingston Domestic Removals

Moving house – do you feel excited? Apprehensive? A little bit concerned that the day of the move might prove challenging? Let the Kingston Domestic Removals service team take up the challenge for you and ensure your move runs smoothly.

Our company, based in Kingston, does this kind of work every day. Our staff have built up a great deal of experience and their knowledge will help to make your day exciting, but not too challenging.

Before You Move

Before you move we give you a free and very useful checklist. We also plan the move to iron out any snags, like narrow doorways, small lifts and steep staircases. If you have any bulky items that simply won’t fit – we can dismantle them and then out them all back together at your destination. So, you don’t need to worry about it. We will take care not to damage either our belongings or either your old or your new home.

You yourself might take the opportunity to cluttered – there is little point in moving things you will never use. Oxfam and a skip help in this!

Packing Up with Kingston Domestic Removals

We can supply suitable boxes, containers and all the packing materials you need. We buy from an Eco-friendly supplier. If you want us to pack for you, our expert packers at Local Removal Company Kingston will make sure nothing gets damaged in the move, even fragile and sensitive items.

On the Day

We arrive on time. Being a local company, Kingston Domestic Removals from Kingston cannot get lost before we arrive at your house. Then we pack and load up our van, padding your furniture securely. Whether you are moving down the road or abroad, we have the right vehicle and containers to transport your belongings safely – and if you want to store somethings while you settle in, we can do that for you as well.


This is important. Labelling helps us to know where to place your furniture when we arrive and which rooms to put things in. It also helps you to know where things are even a few weeks later if you are a bit late in unpacking (as many people are).

Kingston Domestic Removal – Our Priority

Customers first – that is our priority. We aim to delight you with our smooth and efficient service. Low fees for excellent service. You will find us very affordable, but also friendly and just so good at our job. Ring us to discuss your next move.