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Our team aims to ensure that your moving experience is done in a respectable and well-executed manner.

When you look for an excellent removal company – what are you really looking for? Who are we at Removals Kingston Company? Find out about us here.
We think you are looking for a trouble-free day and a reasonable price. That can be hard to find sometimes, right?

Who We Are at Removals Kingston

Experience Counts

We do this job almost every day. And often we learn new and better ways of doing things – we can put all our team’s experience to work for you. It really isn’t just a matter of slinging a few things into a cardboard box and carrying it, rattling to the van and then chucking it in. That method of removal would have us out of business very quickly! Our team take care of your belongings. We make sure that we pack them properly. We dismantle furniture if we need to (and reassemble it when we unload).

Our Drivers

Our drivers are skilled and they know the roads. Even when our customers move abroad our drivers understand the necessary procedures, and our team will make sure your paperwork is in good order for customs clearance. Added to this is their helpful and friendly attitude, which goes a long way to making your move a pleasant experience.

And when they reach your destination the job is not over they still have to unload everything and they do their best to place your belongings exactly where you want them to go. This is especially helpful where they had to dismantle furniture or when the item is very unwieldy.

The Removals Kingston team are our reason for success. They can make your move a success, too. So, just who are we at Kingston Removals? Find out about us here. Just get in touch, the team is ready to help you with your move.


Every member at Removals Company Kingston has an important part to play in our business. This includes the reception staff on the telephone and the packers who really are expert at what they do. And when there are especially bulky or awkward items to shift, we make sure that we have enough removal men to lift and carry them without damaging either them or the property or indeed themselves.

Meet Some of Them

Mariusz Walerczuk

Removal Specialist

He has worked with us for over eight years. One of his duties involves making sure that our team run the whole removal project effectively. Another duty involves the expert packing to make sure everything reaches your destination in good order. Mariusz has a thorough knowledge of the whole process concerned in moving. And always, he works very carefully because he knows the value of each item to our customers. Indeed, he treats everything as if it was his own.

Slawomir Wilisowski


Slawomir is the one who transports your goods safely and securely to your destination. He takes pride in his skilled and smart driving. Slawomir is one of the great team of drivers at Kingston Removals. Indeed, Slawomir possesses many years of experience in the removals industry. For this reason, he knows how responsible his job is. The fact that Slawomir works from Kingston means that he knows about the best routes. This makes the travel quick for him to reach your place. So, he always arrives promptly.

Pawel Walerczuk

Customer Service Officer

When you call Kingston Removals, Pawel Walerczuk will answer your call promptly. In fact, for Pawel, it is easy to maintain a good relationship with customers. He is naturally friendly, like the rest of our Removals Kingston team members. He dedicates himself to his job and always acts in a loyal fashion to the place he works for.

Mateusz Kusaj

Removal Supervisor

In fact, he plays a very responsible part within our removal company. Mateusz supervises his team's work and understands every individual's working abilities. Fortunately, we all find it easy to work with Mateusz. This is because we like his pleasant personality. The company highly appreciate his loyalty and his hard work.

What Makes Our Company Different and Better?

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our good name matters to us. We offer a very fair price for an exceptional service. Our fee schedules are transparent, and we show you ways to save money if you need to.

Own Resources

We own our vans outright. Therefore, we can maintain them in prime condition. All our removal equipment is ours too. So, we can look after it properly and keep it working well.

Request a Call

When you phone us, you will speak to a real person at the other end. No listening to horrible “music” while you press button 1, 4 and 7. Our service starts with your call.

Work on Time

Kingston Removals are professional people. So, of course, we get to work on time. We also wear a uniform and carry identification. We take pride in our work.

Removals Kingston for a Better Moving Experience

When you choose Kingston Removals for your requirements, you will not be paying more than you should be paying. This is because all our prices are fixed for each job. We can offer you a free quotation and more details if you require. Therefore, you can make sure your move is hassle-free.

Why Choose Us?

We have become very well thought of among our customers in Kingston and surrounding areas because our dedicated team proving the best service to the customers. However, we can keep the goodwill within the community as a result of our highest quality.

However, when it comes to the best experience in moving we make sure you get that. Whether it is an international removal or a local removal, we have our own resources at Removals Kingston. This is a reason why we can give our customers the best competitive reasonable pricing when compared with other removals. Our first priority is customer satisfaction and a good moving experience. As a result, all our valued customers highly recommend us to their friends and for colleagues.

So, Who Are We at Kingston Removals?

We are your local yet international removal company who give personal service allied to affordable solutions for your home or business move.