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Kingston Furniture Dismantling

You will find many challenges when you come to move home or office. And bulky, unwieldy furniture can provide one of the biggest problems. But, Kingston Furniture Dismantling service team is geared up to deal with exactly this kind of situation.

The Kingston Furniture Dismantling Service

We are at Removals Company Kingston dismantle bulky items that just will not fit through doorways or gates – and we also reassemble the furniture at the destination. We aim to transport all your items safely and without damaging them.

But we feel it is also important to do no damage to the premises at either end of the journey. It can be very easy to think that bed will go round the rather sharp corner on the stairs. And maybe we could force it around – but at the expense of gouging a hole in the ceiling. Or perhaps we could thrust this armchair out through the window? Yes, we could, but we could end up leaving scratch marks on the window sill or damaging the chair.

Far better to simply dismantle the item and then put it back together at the destination – and in exactly the right place. And that is the job we do for you.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

You have thousand and one things to keep an eye on when you move. This is just one way in which we can take some of the burden off your shoulders.

And we are experienced plus team in Kingston and we have the right tools for the job at hand, so we will find it reasonably easy to do.

Our Assessment

In addition, when we make our free assessment, we can see any problems we are likely to encounter. It is not unknown for us to have to take a gate off its hinges and replace it. We appreciate advance warning!

So, for a safe and efficient furniture dismantling service, call our Kingston furniture dismantling team.