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Kingston International Removals

Many people find moving house is one of the more stressful things they have to do. But, we at the Kingston International Removals Service team can take the strain from you.

Kingston International Removals – Preparation

From the moment you get in touch with us until the time we have unloaded your belongings at your destination, we are there for you. Because we do this every day, we do know how to pack in a way that protects all your things – including fragile items like glassware and ornaments. And then, we carry it safely to our removal lorry and stow everything securely. We make sure your things arrive at your new premises intact and undamaged. Of course, we unload everything and place it exactly where you tell us.

In addition, we plan our route. When we travel abroad, we check on the best ports, and we are familiar with continental driving.


This has to be done! And we make certain that all the documents you need for customs clearance are the right ones and correctly filled in. This avoids long delays and possible extra costs when you enter the new country. Additionally, we keep an accurate inventory of your goods – this is not only for customs but also invaluable for you when you start to unpack.

International Removals with VanOne

Moving overseas is becoming popular day by day with expats. Whatever the reasons you have to immigrate, VanOne always strives to make your international relocation as efficient as possible with our services for shipping across Europe. Our movers have the proficiency to ship everything you want, ranging from house hold items to bulky goods. VanOne is always committed to delivering a high quality service. In the meantime,are you somebody looking for removals to Portugal? Then, VanOne must be your first choice because our team is always committed to fulfilling the customers’ needs and making them happy. We believe that our quality excellence is reflected by the number of customers we get every year.

Customs Clearance with Europe Express

Whenever items are moved across Europe, they must undergo a certain process at the border to identify what is included in your shipment. This ensures whether the materials are legally allowed to enter a country. As Europe Express acts as a customs clearance agent for removals from the UK to EU,the customers do not feel the brunt of moving. Our experts certifies that customs clearance process is managed effectively.


We can offer advice as to the best way to transport your pets if you wish us to. But, naturally, you will also discuss this with your veterinary surgeon at least six months before moving.

Kingston International Removals  – Intercontinental Vehicles

We have our own vehicles at Our Removals Company, suitable for every kind of move. We look after them, we service them regularly and we also keep them in immaculate condition. Our vehicles come in different sizes appropriate for your load. Also, we have fitted our lorries with up-to-date tracking devices. So that, we and you can always know where your goods are.

Storage Facilities

Quite often people need to store some of their belongings for a while after moving to a new country. We have storage facilities both locally and abroad. You can arrange to store any quantity for as long as you need, at a place convenient to you – and when you want your goods back, we are there to assist you.

Our Goal

We want to make your move as smooth and comfortable as possible. Moving abroad is a big step – but we can help you to make the journey easier. Our competent drivers, our modern vehicles and our ability to complete the correct paperwork, all contribute to the Kingston International Removals Service’s excellence. As we are leading removal service providing team in Kingston, trust on our work. So, call us for further details.