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Kingston Piano Removals

Moving a piano is a daunting task, but the Kingston Piano Removals team are professional movers with the right qualifications and experience to move your piano safely.

Piano Problems

We can summarise the particular problems a piano can give a removal man:


Pianos are very heavy. Even a small upright piano can weigh in at over 400 lbs and a big one can even reach 900 lbs. When you consider that a man should not lift more than 100 lbs (for health and safety reasons) you can see why the weight of a piano causes difficulties – we need enough men to move it safely.

The Shape

A grand piano (even a baby grand) is an interesting shape and hard to pack neatly. However, we have the covers and protective layers needed to make a good job of packing your piano ready for the journey.


A piano is a large piece of furniture. We are not only assess the piano but also the route we will take to transport the piano to the van and load it up. Stairs present a particular problem, as the piano is so heavy and unwieldy. But with our experiences, we can move your piano in the best way possible.


A piano is a fine piece of furniture, often highly varnished and vulnerable to scratches and dents.


While we take care of all your belongings we are aware that your piano might not only be costly but also unique and much loved. We at your Local Removals Company Kingston make sure we have the manpower as well as the skill to make sure your piano gets the care it needs in your move.

Equipment Needed

No one is going to carry a piano – we have wide dollies to transport it to and from the van. We also have strong straps to help us hold and secure it. And, of course, the van automatically lifts the heavy items onto the van. The van itself carries plenty of protective padding in the form of removal blankets. In addition, the internal straps provide a secure fastening for the journey.

Kingston Piano Removals Service

Our professional and local team in Kingston will look after your valuable piano and ensure its safe arrival at the journey’s end. Just give us a call for a full assessment of your needs.