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Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Energy Therapy


Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit offers energy therapy to clients as part of the centres’ holistic approach to care. As a client of the centre you may be receiving medical treatment appropriate to your physical needs. Holistic therapies such as energy therapy recognise that health is experienced not only on the physical level but also on the emotional mental and spiritual level.

What is the Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Energy Therapy?

Energy therapy is a process that aims to promote better health by channelling healing energy through the therapist to the client. Energy therapy can promote a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness on both a physical and emotional level. The treatment is used to de-stress and relax the body, therefore, the body is in a far healthier state of repair working side-by-side with primary health care. Energy therapy relaxes the mind and body by unlocking energy channels within the body and it helps to rebalance and re-energise the body.

How Can the Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Energy Therapy Help?

Healing enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself by revealing energy blockages and enables the recipient to rebalance his or her mind and body system. The client is not required to remove any clothing for therapy to take place. It’s 100% gentle and not invasive.

What Happens During an Energy Therapy Session?

The client lies on the coach, although they can be in a seated position if they find it more comfortable. Therapists either work with the hands at a short distance from the body or with a light torch, inviting you to relax and close your eyes if you wish. Usually, patients are aware that something is happening. Many experience a variety of sensations perhaps warmth or coldness tingling and pressure.

How Will Energy Therapy Make You Feel?

The experience varies between individuals. Most clients report feelings of relaxation and relief of stress, but at the time they may be aware of experiencing the little else. Some clients are aware of feelings of heat energy or intense emotions. The benefits are often cumulative.

How Many Sessions Can You Have?

Prior to using the complementary Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Energy Therapy service, you will meet the centre manager to discuss the different therapies on offer and therapies which would best support your needs. An initial therapy program will be agreed comprising of four free treatments.

How Can You Access the Service

You can contact the Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Energy Therapy centre manager on 020 8973 5001 to complete a referral form and discuss the treatments available. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, you will need to obtain permission from your consultant prior to commencing therapy. In some instances it may be necessary to rearrange your appointment according to the needs of other clients.

Appointment slots are precious and can be used by others. The Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit will appreciate as much notice as possible when appointments are being cancelled (at least 24 hours).

Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Address


Sir William Rous Unit

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Galsworthy Road

Kingston upon Thames

Surrey KT2 7QB

Telephone: 020 8973 5001


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