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Kingston Hospital Hearing Department

Kingston Hospital Hearing Department Offers hearing loss service. If you are having hearing problems we recommend you to talk to your GP first. They might refer you to you the audiology department of your local hospital for a hearing test and possibly to fit you with a hearing aid. If you have hearing aids and you’re having problems with them, you may wish to attend one of the walk-in clinics out your audiology department.

Who Can the Kingston Hospital Hearing Department Help?

The Kingston Hospital Sight and Hearing service can help you if you are aged 18 or over, live in Royal Borough of Kingston and are concerned about your hearing loss. They provide services and support to help people with a hearing loss to maintain or regain their independence.

Their staff members can visit you at home to talk to you and your family or carer about how your hearing loss is affecting you in your everyday life.

What Kingston Hospital Hearing Department Offers

Kingston Hospital Hearing Department offers special equipment to help alert you to the door and smoke alarms and to help you to use the telephone and TV. They also offer information on welfare benefits, support groups and information on how to find sign language interpreters.


Kingston Hospital Hearing Department Contact Details:

Adult Social Care at Kingston Hospital
Galsworthy Road
Kingston upon Thames KT2 7QB
Telephone 020 8547 5005



Information published on this website is available in large print, audio, braille, easy read and other languages from the Kingston Hospital Hearing Department. For other useful articles about Kingston visit the blog page available from the Kingston Removals website.