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Sexual Health Walk In Kingston

Looking for a Sexual Health Walk In Kingston Centre but don’t know where to go? Had unprotected sex and not sure what to do now? Or do you just want some information about sex and relationships? From information and advice to testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), there is a range of sexual health services to meet your needs in Kingston upon Thames. They are all free and confidential and anyone can use them at the Sexual Health Walk In Kingston Centre. You do not need a referral and it does not matter where you live or whether or not you are registered with a GP.

All the services listed below are offered by the NHS Sexual Health Walk In Kingston Centre and provide general information, advice and support on issues relating to sexual health and signposting to specialist services.

Some community pharmacies in Kingston upon Thames offer free sexual health services for young people aged after 24 years and these include:


For an up-to-date list of participating pharmacies please visit Getting it on website.



If you prefer not to go to the NHS Sexual Health Walk In Kingston Centre, please know that GPs in Kingston offer free sexual health services including;

You can check an up-to-date list of GPs in Kingston Upon Thames.



Sexual Health Walk In Kingston Opening Hours and Address:


Kingston Hospital

Galsworthy Road

Kingston upon Thames KT2 7QB

Telephone: 020 8974 9331


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