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Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Reflexology

Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Reflexology Centre offers reflexology to clients as part of the centres holistic approach to care. Reflexologists are fully qualified members of a professional body.

What is Reflexology?

First practised thousands of years ago by the Chinese, and Indian An Egyptian peoples, reflexology is a natural touch therapy practice on the feet and hands. It is suggested that every part of the body is represented on the feet by reflexes. Palpating the reflexes on the feet will identify imbalances in corresponding body parts. Reflexology is reported to gently stimulate immune system, encouraging self healing and relaxation.

How Can Reflexology Help?

Reflexology is very supportive and therapeutic within the context of holistic care.

It can:


How Will Reflexology Make You Feel?

During your therapy you can expect to feel relaxed, comfortable and supportive physically and emotionally. On your first visit a medical history will be taken and there will be a preliminary talk to make your treatment plan.

The reflexology will be gentle and smoothing. Occasionally you may feel some tenderness over the place where your therapist is working on your feet. Treatment will last up to an hour. You may feel tired afterwards. Your therapist will advise you to drink plenty of water. You will be advised to stay in the centre until you feel able to travel home.

How Many Sessions Can You Have at the Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Reflexology Centre?

Prior to using the complementary therapy service at Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit you will meet the centre manager to discuss the different therapies on offer and agree on those which would best support your needs. An initial therapy programme will be agreed comprising of four free treatments, taken at least one week apart.

How Can You Access the Service?

You can contact one of the centre managers on 020 8973 5001 to complete a referral form and discuss the treatments available.

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Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Reflexology Address

Sir William Rous Unit

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Galsworthy Road

Kingston upon Thames

Surrey KT2 7QB

Telephone: 020 8973 5001